cab fiestas

The most prominent festivals of Becerril are:

San Roque, the Patron of the Municipality, is celebrated on August16th, during which a procession is held after Mass. Throughout this day, lemonade, dances, parades, the election of the village Beauties and many cultural and sporting activities take place in the village streets.

Holy Christ of the Good Council, held from 13 to 18 September, its duration and congregation are the most important of the year. During this week of celebration there is something for everybody, because of the large number and diversity of activities. Many contests are organized for adults and children. Los Actos Religiosos events are of great importance and most of the neighbors go to the Holy Mass and procession. You cannot miss these days; the bullfights, exposition of bulls and heifers at night and dinner parties. The dances are held in the town square enlivening these festive nights.

St. Andrew is the patron of the parish, the feast is held on November 30, a tribute to our elders is celebrated with a meal and events.

St. Sebastián is on 20 January, in which the neighbors make a bonfire and eat chocolate with churros, all to the sound of cowbells.

During Easter, the most important day is Easter Sunday, after Mass there is a procession in which Christ is carried out on one hand by men, while The Virgin Mary goes on the other, accompanied by women, to meet in the town square where people sing while the Virgin will have her black clothes replaced with white.

Corpus Christi, place with altars that are placed in different parts of town.

Mayday takes place in the Romeria with the Cruz de Mayo in el Raso de Enebros. Subsequently, a picnic accompanied by dancing, brass bands and children's games are organized.

Enjoying Becerril through its hospitality is the proposal of the Tapas Fair, and thanks to good public acceptance, it is now in its fourth edition. The fair is held in March or April in our town eateries. The consumer has a map-passport so as not to get lost in so many tapas, in which the votes for each of the establishments are collected until the end of the fair. The Tapa with the most votes wins the award and a prize draw is done to encourage consumers to participate in the vote.

The second Saturday in July is the biggest night of summer and is celebrated with La Noche en Vela, a date with culture which gathers more visitors and has become a landmark for leisure in the mountains of Madrid. The central theme is multiculturalism and the city becomes a meeting point for very different types of culture and folklore. Music, dance, theater, poetry, crafts, books ... and the magic of the street, summer and night make the ‘The Candlelit Night’ a most special occasion.