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Becerril de la Sierra is located in an exceptional natural enclave, at the foot of Navacerrada Pass (Puerto de Navacerrada) (1.858 m) and La Maliciosa peak (2.227 m.), forming one of the most picturesque valleys in the Sierra de Guadarrama. The climate is continental, characterized by cold winters and warm summers. The Vegetation of Becerril de la Sierra is exceptionally rich, characterized by an abundance of oaks and junipers, and evergreen trees in the lower areas, which are resistant to harsh weather conditions.

As you go up in altitude, you´ll see more Pyrenean Oaks that give an astonishing and wonderful color range in autumn. At higher altitude, you can find pine forest and small bushes such as broom and heather creeping higher.

Around the reservoirs of Navacerrada and La Maliciosa, and in the vicinity of rivers and streams, a gallery forest appears with willows, poplars and ash trees. Regarding fauna, there are plenty of large raptors such as black vultures and golden eagles, small birds like azure-winged Magpies and greenfinches, and also amphibians and reptiles like southern marbled nets and Iberian emerald lizards whose preservation is in our hands.



Becerril de la Sierra is located in the region of Sierra de Guadarrama-Alto Manzanares, in the northwestern of Madrid province, and formed by thirteen municipalities. In our region we can find some traces of the distant past,such as Roman roads and bridges, Muslim mosques, medieval castles, churches and hermitages, centennial mills and majestic fountains with historic remains.

The imprint of this historic legacy remains in the traditions and customs, crafts, folklore and culinary culture of our people, who have lived for centuries in harmony with the mountains around us. This region has a characteristic element: The Water. The water from the highlands meanders down through the mountainsides to form rivers, two of them are emblematic: The Guadarrama and the Manzanares.

The region of Sierra de Guadarrama-Alto Manzanares extends from the summits of the Sierra de Guadarrama in the North to the slopes that move smoothly to the Tajo River depression. It is a beautiful landscape, which is worth discovering and where it is always snowy on the mountain peaks. Also,there are mountains with pines from ancient times, meadows in the foothills of the mountains where cattle graze peacefully, the Seven Peaks (SietePicos), the Valley of “Fuenfria”, and our emblematic Pedriza de Manzanares.


If you want to fully enjoy all these routes, follow these simple recommendations:

  • Be careful and respect stones, plants and animals. Do not collect.

  • Carry a garbage bag in your backpack to keep your rubbish.

  • Stay on the paths.

  • Bring a water container fully filled with water. Not all the routes have water supplies.

  • Gather information about weather forecast, the weather could change suddenly, especially in mountainous areas.

  • Bring your mobile phone fully charged and let people know which route you intend to do.

  • Enjoy your route quietly and do not disturb animals and other hikers.

  • Walk on the left side of the road to see and be seen by the cars.

And remember; leave only footsteps, take only memories.

Whatever your choice, we hope that you enjoy your journey to Becerril de la Sierra and its wonderful environment.